what are leggings?

- Dec 19, 2018-

Women's High Waist Printed Leggings.jpg

Leggings, also known as leggings. Black leggings  are pants designed to wear short skirts and short skirts to prevent light and slim. They are available in a variety of lengths and materials, and can be used in different styles.

Because it is anti-light, self-cultivation, so not only the position to wear is the base, but also the bottom of my heart. Leggings are generally more suitable for dolls, long slings, T-shirts and short skirts with a slightly longer upper body. This type of pants is mainly suitable for female consumers, so it is more popular among women. There is a connection between leggings for women  and stockings, but there are still differences.

The front body of leggings is bodybuilding pants. But because the trend is always coming back and forth, and then faded out of sight, but in 2012, people also designed new pants based on bodybuilding pants - leggings.

Commonly used fabrics are cotton, hemp, silk, wool, blended, and chemical fiber.

The most common type of leggings should be several fabrics: modal, wool, rabbit, velvet, polyester, stretch cotton, etc.

In the autumn and winter seasons, wool, rabbit, modal, velvet and other warm fabrics should be selected, while in the summer high temperature, chiffon, lace and mesh fabrics should be selected.


The slightly deep blue can be used to refine the leg shape, making the legs look slimmer, the white pure and blue is solemn and restrained, and this color can definitely lead the 2012 color. In 2013, once popular candy-colored leggings, it also set off the trend of leggings.

But the black base is still a timeless classic match.