What are swimming trunks?

- Dec 24, 2018-

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Swimming trunks are clothing worn by mens swim trunks, dive, or engage in water-related activities. The shape is similar to that of the underwear, but the fabric is usually different. Swimming trunks are mainly divided into triangle and flat angles and fun, and four categories of thongs. Ordinary swimming trunks are mostly dark shades such as dark blue and black.

Mens swim shorts  are mainly divided into triangle and flat angles and fun, and four categories of thongs.

It can be roughly divided into five types:

(1) High waist: Usually designed as a boxer trunk.

(2) normal waist: flat triangles can be used, such swimming trunks are more, usually for the public choice, but I think it is more suitable for

Boxer shorts.

(3) Low waist: Most of the designs are triangles, because the swimming trunks are designed to have a low waist and look better than the normal waist. The flat angles are also there, but the swimming trunks are wide and unattractive. Low-waist swimming trunks are in fashion and are gradually overshadowing normal waist swim trunks because the triangle is becoming more and more popular.

(4) Ultra-low waist: usually refers to the professional dangle trunks with the back groin and front exposed hair. This swimwear is more suitable for fashionable men who like sports and body, because it is more sexy than ordinary low-waist swimming trunks. Vitality, showing the masculine beauty of the male, the length of the waist of the swimming trunk is 1.5 inches to 3 inches long. Its main function is to reduce the resistance of athletes in the water, thereby increasing their speed time, and also can be used as a beach sunbathing. This type of swim trunk is close to the body, minimizing friction and reducing moisture residue. When wearing, the male reproductive organs will be more obvious and the space inside the swimming trunks will be smaller than that of the four-legged swimming trunks. When wearing these swimming trunks, it will be more comfortable to put the penis upwards. These swim trunks are suitable for use in various water activities such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc. The swimming trunks are popular all over the world, and in the Europe and the United States, swimmers wearing swim trunks are very common in water facilities around the world. The reason why the public chooses swimming trunks is that the swimming trunks are convenient for water activities and sunbathing. They are quick to dry and can be worn in pants or shorts.

(5) T-shaped: The front of the T-shirt is similar to the swimming trunks, but the sides are narrower and the buttocks are completely exposed. In the indoor pools and beaches of Western countries, there are many men in this style of swimming trunks. In addition to the less resistance to swimming, it is obviously more conducive to sunbathing.

(6) Sexual low waist: usually used for swimming trunks, covering only about one-third of the buttocks, that is, basically not covering the groin. The front can only cover the glans, that is, the penis and scrotum can be exposed more than 60% (note that if the penis is erect, the exposure will be around 100%, because the swimming trunks are too small, so choose carefully, such swimming trunks are often not allowed For use in swimming pools, it is recommended to wear them on uninhabited beaches or riversides, as far as possible in places where there are few people.)