What are the main types of swimming trunks?

- May 06, 2019-

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Swimming trunks are mainly divided into four categories: triangle, flat Angle and interest, and thong.

It can be roughly divided into five types:

(1) high waist: usually designed for flat Angle swimming trunks.

(2) normal waist: both flat corners and triangles are acceptable. There are many such swimming trunks, which are usually a popular choice, but I think they are more suitable for swimming

Boxer shorts.

(3) low waist: most of the designs are triangle, because the design of the triangle swimming trunks is better than the normal waist, and they have flat corners, but they are wide and ugly. Low-rise swim trunks are on the rise and are starting to cover over normal waist trunks as the triangle becomes more and more popular.

(4) ultralow waist: it usually refers to the professional triangle swimming trunks with cleavage at the back and hair exposed at the front. These swimming trunks are more suitable for fashionable men who like sports and body-building, because they are more sexy, energetic and show the masculine beauty than ordinary low-waist swimming trunks. The length of the waist side of swimming trunks is 1.5 inches to 3 inches. Its main function is to reduce the resistance of athletes in the water, thereby improving their own speed and time, can also be used as a beach sunbathing. These styles are tight to the body to minimize friction and minimize water retention. The male genitals are more pronounced and the space in the swim trunks is smaller than in the boxers. These briefs are suitable for swimming, surfing and diving. Briefs are popular all over the world, in Europe and the United States, and swimmers wearing them are very common in water facilities all over the world. The public chose the trunks because they are convenient for water sports and sunbathing, dry quickly and can be worn in trousers or shorts.

T swim trunks

T swim trunks

(5) thong: the front of the thong is similar to the briefs, but the sides are narrow and the hips are completely exposed. Many men wear these styles in indoor swimming pools and beaches in western countries. In addition to swimming with less resistance, it's also apparently better for sunbathing.

(6) low waist appeal: usually used for swimming trunks, covering only about a third of the buttocks, that is, no covering of the groin. Can only cover the glans penis in front, namely, the penis and scrotum can be exposed to more than 60% (note that if the penile erection, exposure will be around 100%, because the swimming trunks is too small, so choose carefully, such swimming trunks often cannot be used for pool, suggested that unattended places in the beach or river bank, where people less as far as possible.)

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Ordinary swimming trunks are mostly dark colors such as dark blue and black. There are also swim trunks in bright yellow, green, red and other bright colors.

(note: white swimming trunks are also on the market. It should be noted that the transparency of the extremely poor quality swimming trunks can only reach about 50% after entering the water, and the good ones may be slightly lower than 50%.)

(some white swim trunks can be as transparent as 87 percent, and some can be almost completely transparent, so the choice should be considered carefully.)

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(1) no waist: these trunks are largely gone because they are so easily detached without elastic or rope that it's not safe to walk, let alone ride. Unless it's really snug, you can't wear them without a waist, but to be on the safe side, don't wear them.

(2) elastic only: there are plenty of these, but be sure to choose the right level of tightness when buying them. Because buy loose, and can not be tight, easy to drop. Buy tight, have uncomfortable. But a word of warning: elastic bands age easily in water for a long time. They lose their elasticity and become loose.

Note: if you have custom-made swim trunks, you can sometimes make them as tight or loose as you like. I recommend "loose", because loose is actually just right for your comfort level and not easy to fall off (except for diving, if you choose normal or tighter diving, otherwise it is easy to fall off and the impact is too great). I don't recommend "very loose," unless you're very fat. I used to make swim trunks like this, and they slipped when I walked.

(3) only the slings: the upside is that they are elastic and don't age as easily as the elastic bands, but they are rare and fast becoming obsolete, and there may be a downside. But that's mostly the case with sexy swim trunks.

(4) elastic band, trousers rope both: can be said to be compatible with the nature of both, the highest safety factor. As a result, it has become the mainstream today, and I personally recommend it.

(1) do not take underwear as swimming trunks, because the fabric of underwear is mostly pure cotton, easy to absorb water after entering the water, resulting in heavy underwear, plus underwear is loose, it is not safe. And light-colored panties are more transparent.

(2) swimming trunks should not be worn as underwear as possible. Swimming trunks are not breathable and do not absorb sweat, which is bad for health.

(3) in addition, when buying swimming trunks, attention should be paid to the interface between the thread and the fabric to avoid opening or breakage of the fabric.

Special introduction to sexy swimming trunks:

Mesh swim pants: swim pants to go up to contain mesh namely, such swim pants give a person with half hazy aesthetic feeling, bold and unrestrained in contain hazy beauty.

Hooded trunks: they sell poorly with only a small piece of cloth covering the key areas and no covering of the hips.

Transparent sexy swimming trunks: the cloth of the swimming trunks is made of transparent material. If someone says that you are not wearing the swimming trunks, in fact, you are wearing them.