What are the men's board shorts?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Choosing the right length, you can now choose the version, there are many men's shorts, common beach pants, suit shorts, tooling shorts, casual shorts, sports shorts.

Beach pants: These shorts are cool and comfortable in summer. They are the favorite of many men, but these shorts have a lazy and casual feeling, which is more suitable for home and beach play.

Suit shorts: suit shorts are as straight as trousers, tailored, but the original suit trousers have been cut off a half, the matching rules of the formal dress has not changed, usually with the suit jacket to wear, for the hot It's too hot in summer, it's more suitable for spring and autumn.

Tooling shorts: Cargo shorts designed for manual workers, also known as tooling shorts, have a large pocket on each side of the left and right sides. The original intention of the design is just to make it easy for the workers who can't take the shot to put the tools on both sides. It used to be very popular. But ordinary people put on such a fat and big shorts, the whole person seems to have just been working from the construction site. In today's fashion, only comfort is not enough, men need to be able to cope with semi-formal occasions.

Casual shorts: mainly refers to trousers as a template, in terms of fabrics and plate types, it is more comfortable than trousers, and the color is more colorful. The shorts can meet the dress requirements of most men's occasions. In recent years, it has been loved by men. The basics in men's shorts.

Sports shorts: In general, sports shorts require easy wicking, comfort, and no involvement. The overall design and fabrics have a certain amount of scientific content, suitable for strenuous sports wear. In the past two years, with the rise of the national sports style, as well as the running of the brothers and all the members to accelerate the mid-range variety show, sports shorts have begun to return to the fashion stage, and are loved by young men.

In addition to the version, the width also needs special attention. The tight shorts will not only bring unspeakable flaws, but also make the overall look "creamy".