What are the nine benefits of swimming?

- Apr 24, 2019-

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Swimming is in the sunlight, air, water three combination of good natural environment for sports, to human body health it is unmatched by other sports health benefits, especially who some of the physical properties, the influence of the more common sense is very beneficial to human body health, so take a look at below swimming what benefits to the body. 5 swimming exercise bosom curve, the swimmer's underwater chest, water pressure of the well and pectoralis major role to strengthen exercise, coupled with shoulder strap needs to be done by large activities, make the swimmer's shoulder muscles, especially the pectoralis major is very rich, broad chest muscle plump, make the swimmer's chest type curve looks strong feminine. When advantageous rachis health 6 swim, all sorts of pose demand action should extend as far as possible, with lengthen stroke course of action, make swim action more accord with mechanical principle. And the action of this kind of extend sex is helpful for the rachis of swimmer is sufficient extend, can make the waist, back muscle gets loosen not only, reduce rachis burden, and be helpful for correct because rachis is bent, the hump that forms. Promote skin health 7 when swimming, the impact of water massages the effect to accelerate the blood circulation of capillaries on the swimmer's whole body surface, promote the metabolism of skin surface cells, so that the swimmer's skin becomes smooth, ruddy, and elastic. Help to increase the buoyancy of water 8 make swimmers approach under the condition of weightlessness movement, so that the effect of gravity on the human body is greatly reduced, plus more than swimming in recumbent position (stomach, lie on your back, side), and this greatly reduce the pressure on spine and lower extremity joints when motion, unfavorable factors to reduce the growth of bone, thus to increase; In addition, when swimming, the wave movement of the waist and the powerful stirrup of the lower limbs, the water drawing movement and the swimming movement stretching in the whole game can stimulate the growth of the epiphyseal cartilage, which is conducive to the growth of height. When swimming, the inhalation of fresh air and sunlight can promote the human body to vitamin D and calcium, phosphorus absorption, promote the growth and development of young people's bones, is also conducive to body growth and height.