What are the structural features of the bikini?

- Apr 18, 2019-

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Cultural perspective

Bikini was originally coined by americans in 1946. As a symbol of human freedom and liberation, Bikini was a symbol of modernism in the 20th century and was soon accepted by the post-modern society as a fashion symbol expressing various concepts of the post-modern culture. Of course, for the average person in life, a bikini is a swimsuit, a must-have for a beach vacation. However, what style of bikini to wear, or how much to reveal a different cultural concept. Bikini, more than any other clothing, surpasses its original practical function and becomes the living language of cultural concept.

In the new century, the bikini of the following 4 kinds of theme style will be swept wildly every land below scorching sun, in the sea edge, on beach, deck gives a charming scenery:

1. The Romantic Romantic

This is an expression of emotional meaning. Full of female vigor and cheerful and bold and unrestrained, if summer sunshine is beautiful, be like the jump of seaside, be like the wind to dance in the wind, it is the style that moves feeling, make a person relaxed and natural. The bikini of this theme style is colourful, use printing stretch fabrics, have grid, stripe, and flower design, be full of feminine glamour. Design key is the adornment rope belt between the join place and waist in cover cup, added a kind of elegant move feeling. Most rings have steel brackets to secure the chest. The straps vary in width, with one-piece and tapered straps.

2. The Anatomical structure

It's an expression of a futuristic idea - simple, bare. The human body presents geometrical figures -- triangle, rectangle, oblique line and straight line -- under the cutting of points, lines and planes. Cyber-culture has the metallic and digital flavor of the Cyber-culture era. The bikini of this theme style USES monochrome stretch ultrathin fabrics, light color fastening, have glitter. Asymmetrical designs stand out. The back design omits the fabric and completely ties it with a string to make the body more fully exposed to the summer sunshine. The super thin fabric of elastic fiber embodies the function of "second skin", making bikini become a part of body more completely.

3. The game is Playful

"Game" is also a term used in contemporary culture. Entertainment is a game, life is a game, work is a game, laws, customs called "rules of the game". This may seem a little cynical about serious life -" the game of life ", but it is more of a lighthearted approach to complex responsibilities -" the drama of life ". The rise of leisure culture is a new planning of time in the high-tech era, which makes the efficiency higher and life more quality. Meanwhile, it is also an excellent way to keep the childlike innocence.

The bikini color of this one theme style is shallow light, monochrome, printing has, give priority to with slightly thick stretch fabrics. Design key is in the adornment of falbala, or compose at predecessor or compose at edge, can compose more full bosom. Generally without steel support, straight design, the bottom pants for high waist and flat leg shape, also have low-waist briefs. Emphasize the impression that gives a person a kind of lively and lovely, relaxed girl.

4. Motor sport

This is the bikini that highlights healthy style. Health is a fashion pursued by contemporary people. People all say such words :" have health to have everything ", "health is 1, wealth, love, freedom and other are O, have health to have 100, 1000, 10000...... "Exercise becomes a new life force.

The bikini of this one theme style is given priority to with printing stretch fabrics, design resembles sports underwear. Integral wide shoulder strap with straight, horizontal and diagonal stitching. Bottom pants is medium waist briefs, adornment is concise, basically be double line seam mark and the impression that edge way gives a person to have easy and lovely.