what are workout leggings called?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Workout Yoga Capris Pants Leggings

Nowadays, sports and fitness have become a task that most friends need to complete every day. Indeed, exercise not only promotes the elimination of internal waste, but also relieves stress in life and makes people more optimistic. I don't know if you haven't found it. Many people now like to wear a pair of tights when they are exercising. Whether they are fat or thin, the legs are good or not, they are all dressed like this, and some even have a pair of shorts outside the tights. Some people may ask why they wear this. Is there any special effect of wearing this?

In fact, it does have a special role. But the premise is that you have to pick the pants, like the material of the tight denim, put it in the sport, it will be counterproductive. The tights we choose during exercise must satisfy the conditions of elastic foot, strong plasticity, thin texture and soft material. This will make you very light and have no sense of restraint. Of course, this is not the purpose of wearing tight pants. Wearing yoga pants is mainly to relieve muscle pressure and keep the exercise last longer.

We all know that if there is no clothing restraint during exercise, our thighs and calves will tremble as the pace progresses. Especially when running fast, the leg muscles will shake even more. This will undoubtedly increase the pressure of the leg muscles and shorten the exercise time. The effect of putting on the tights is different. It has a hindrance to the swinging of the muscles, and can greatly reduce the swinging curvature, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the fatigue of the leg muscles.

Other experts have shown that wearing workout clothes can promote the supply of blood to the heart, enhance energy in the body, and make exercise easier. This has been proven in many sports people. When they are wearing tights, the tights will hold their legs in a space. This pressure will prevent some blood from flowing to the legs and flowing in the direction of the heart. The heart is a very precious organ of the human body. When our body is exercising, the frequency of its beating will increase. At this time it also needs more blood supply, and wearing tight pants just gave it this condition. So when we wear tights, we feel more energetic.

And the last special point of wearing workout pants , it can help athletes to sweat quickly. When we exercise, we are inevitably going to have a sweat. When wearing tight pants, it seems that we are blocking these sweats in the pants, but it is not. Our tight-fitting trousers are made of a fibrous structure that is breathable. Therefore, sweat evaporates quickly in the pants and does not cause discomfort to the athletes. This is also its last advantage.