What brand of swimsuit is good?

- Apr 25, 2019-

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Comfortable is the first ARENA: founded in 1973 in France, it is an international swimsuit brand of the Olympic Games, a world famous brand, swimsuit/swimsuit/swimwear.

SPEEDO: Australia 1928 Olympic swimsuit brand, world famous brand, swimsuit/swimsuit/swimwear.

Yingfa: founded in the 1970s, Yingfa is one of the top ten swimwear/swimsuit/swimwear brands in the domestic sports circle.

HOSA: born in Hong Kong in the 1970s, it is the first brand of sports leisure and home leisure, and the top ten swimwear brands.

Triumph: world famous brand, 1886 Germany, one of the world's largest underwear manufacturers, top ten swimwear brands.

Piao (FEW) : founded in 1995, it is a famous brand of professional swimming products in China, dongguan feifan sports and top ten brand of swimming goggles.

ZOKE: a popular sportswear enterprise integrating domestic brands, product development, design research, manufacturing and marketing.

An lifang: founded in 1975, famous underwear brand enterprise, famous brand, top ten swimsuit brand.

Adidas: one of the world famous sports brands, started in Germany in 1948, top ten swimsuit/swimsuit/swimsuit brand.

Heatwave: Taiwan swimsuit first brand, Taiwan ligang enterprise group, Beijing ligang sporting goods co., LTD.