What fabric do men's board shorts choose?

- Sep 25, 2019-

What material do men choose for their board shorts? 

The sunny beach along the ocean border has become a more popular pastime. How do you plan to spend your holidays on the beach? Men's shorts seem to have as many choices as women's skirts. Just a pair of board shorts can solve the problem. So the choice of fabric for board shorts becomes particularly important at this moment, which is related to whether a man is good for his lower body. But sometimes I don't really know which fabrics are suitable for me because there are so many kinds of beautiful board shorts near the beach.

So what kind of shorts do you have to wear to make you more confident and attractive?


Sometimes pure or monochrome board shorts are somewhat monotonous and dull, so you might as well try some printed board shorts. Now such shorts are very popular in Europe and America.

Of course, it is impossible to wear leisure work in peacetime, or it can only be worn inside!

But beach, home, it's really a great choice!

Fresh and natural, refreshing and breathable, printed fabrics, interesting patterns, loose design, wearing a sense of freedom.

So the question is, what kind of fabric are these beach pants made of?

In recent years, a very popular fabric for board shorts: peach skin fabric.

Because of the quick-drying characteristics of peach skin, it is recognized by the market. Printed, plain or white, can be made into good-looking board shorts. Peach skin flannel fabric does not absorb water, even if a glass of water falls down, it will dry naturally in 10 minutes. The water will dry very quickly naturally, and it will not stick directly on the skin to make people feel uncomfortable. Of course, this is the minimum requirement for board shorts.

Tell you another secret, the latest fabric technology can also effectively prevent glutinous gravel, water wash clean as before.

Without this quick-drying feature, peach velvet is not a good fabric for board shorts. Imagine that it's normal for you to wet your pants while playing and swimming in the beach or swimming pool. When you have a good time and leave the water, your pants will be heavy at that time, but slowly, the water on your shorts will disappear and become light. This is a wow experience. To cater to the good experience of market customers, there must be a good market feedback.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to wear comfortably, it is also added through the grinding process, so that the fabric and skin friendly contact, resulting in soft and delicate comfort.