What is a bikini?

- Nov 15, 2018-

Women's Plus Size Bandage Bikini

Bikini (Bikini, translated as "Bickini" in Hong Kong) generally refers to the swimsuit that women wear when swimming, that is, bikini, also known as "three-point swimsuit."

Women's plus size bandage bikini  Swimwear can be said to be the most visually striking clothing in the history of clothing. The braces and briefs behind the belt are as good as the atomic bomb. It was not until the 1950s that this style of clothing that reflected the sense of human body was accepted. Today, it is synonymous with a soft and natural body curve.

Since 1999, RIDI has served a small number of European aristocratic women, providing them with private custom bathing suits. RIDI designers have taken inspiration from the summer's overcrowded beaches, into a high-probability event, and the concept of “changing oneself” is the RIKINI series. Each set of bikinis has a variety of ways to wear, and each day can be a new one. Whether it's sexy charm or lively and fresh, you can find what you want from RIKINI.

In 1964, Rudy's bikini without a bra (Topless suit) opened fire on the public ethical fortress. Muir introduced a swimsuit that used a fishing net to cover the chest and swimsuits. What followed were the unstructured swimsuit of the 70s and 80s. These swimsuits have almost nothing to hide except the lower body. Swimming without a shirt and nude swimming began to appear, although there are still a few people who take this type of swimming.