What is waterproof swimming trunks?

- Mar 05, 2019-

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A waterproof swimming trunk that completely isolates all pollution, bacteria and viruses in the water. The main material is silica gel, which is cleverly designed to provide breathability and comfort.


The waterproof swimming trunk is a swimming trunk that does not penetrate into the water. Compared with the traditional swimming trunk, the advantages are as follows:

1, the environment and water pollution is serious, there are many bacteria and viruses in the water, the body fluid in the swimming pool, the use of traditional swimming trunks, swimming, crisis, especially women. Once the swimming trousers represent water pollution intrusion, it may threaten the health of the human body. Although the human limbs can be cleaned, the special parts are more difficult to clean;

2, people's living conditions are good, there are more swimming opportunities in the water, and also pay attention to health, waterproof is more necessary;

3, waterproof swimming trunks are good-looking, comfortable, and completely isolate any pollution, bacteria, viruses in the water;

4. All male compatriots will encounter an embarrassing situation after swimming outdoors. They will go there to find a hidden place to change the wet swimwear. This swimwear can be placed directly on the underwear that you usually wear. Because you don't get wet, your underwear won't be wet. If you take off your swimming trunks after going ashore, you can put on your pants and go home. You can't find hidden places to change the wet swimming trunks. At the same time, you can also isolate all the pollution and bacteria in the water. Protect your health.

5, the design has a waterproof pocket, when swimming, you can lock the wallet, mobile phone and other heavy items in the car, but where is the car key? With this waterproof pocket you can solve it.


As the only one in the world that does not infiltrate water, it has a stylish atmosphere and is able to withstand all pathogens in the water. With the deterioration of the environment, rivers, lakes and seas have been polluted to varying degrees. Even the water in the swimming pool has a large number of germs. In such an environment, swimming and cooling, the infectious diseases in the water penetrate the female reproductive system through swimming trunks. It causes women to contract gynecological diseases, and it will not heal for a long time. In severe cases, it may lead to infertility. It can be seen that choosing a swimming trunk that can be waterproof and antibacterial is the key.

With this swimming trousers that "do not invade", women no longer have to worry about contaminated water entering the reproductive system, even if they wear the love happiness swimming trunks during the menstrual period. Not only convenient for women, men wearing swimming trunks directly on the usual underwear, you can swim freely, after taking off the swimming trunks, you can directly wear waterproof swimming trunks release conference.