What kind of swimsuit is good?

- Apr 26, 2019-

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Ice silk is made from cotton lint and wood. Therefore, the ice silk than cotton fiber, wood fiber is more pure in nature.

1, hygroscopic, suitable for close-fitting wear; 2, with a certain flexibility, suitable for thin clothing, suitable for summer wear;

3. The dye has a bright and natural color; 4, good crease resistance, no crease after washing;

Ammonia silk is also known as elastic fiber. Its elongation is 4 ~ 8 times of itself, which is the largest kind of synthetic fiber. Good tensile recovery, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, wear resistance and dyeing resistance; Better heat resistance and aging resistance than rubber.

Suitable for knitting socks, gloves, sportswear, bathing suits, elastic bands, bandages, tights, etc.

Both fabrics are suitable for swim wear. Ammonia silk more professional point similar to the athletes with the game; Ice is more suitable for people to swim in the sun.

At present, the main materials of swimming suits of big brands include:

1, POLYESTER (also known as the POLYESTER fiber POLYESTER) + POLYESTER (PBT POLYESTER), which is used by SPEEDO ENDURANCE + material, very wear-resisting, out of shape not easily;

2. Polyamide + lycra are used in most bathing suits of ARENA, which are comfortable to wear and have good elasticity;

3. Polyamide + PU, a common bathing suit fabric on the market.

The first fabric you mentioned has the advantage of better elasticity, but it is not able to withstand high temperature, and it is easy to wear out if it is thin.

As for the second kind of fabric, if the cotton content is high, the elasticity will be poor, swimsuit more easily through the loose, I think it is not suitable to do swimsuit, do sunscreen shirt is about the same.

There are only three basic types of swimwear: dupont lycra, nylon and polyester. Green box small make up to introduce to you respectively :1, dupont lycra: it is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, excellent stretch, suitable for blending with all kinds of fibers, can strengthen the texture of a material, such as the advantages of pendant, anti-wrinkle. The chlorine-resistant dupont lycra will give swimsuits a longer life than those made from ordinary materials. 2. Nylon fabric: although the texture is not as solid as lycra fabric, its flexibility is almost the same as lycra fabric. Currently the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, it is suitable for mid-priced products. 3. Polyester fabric: elastic fabric with one direction and two square stretches. Due to the limited elasticity, it is mostly used in swimming trunks or women's swimming split style.