What's the best material for children's swimsuits?

- Sep 27, 2019-

What's the best material for children's swimsuits? How to choose children's swimsuits? The swimsuit fabric with 18% spandex is the best. Don't choose swimsuit with a lot of polyester fabric, especially one-piece swimsuit, the request of elasticity of the fabric is very high, otherwise, when swimming will be tied up.

1. The best swimsuit material now is spandex, especially the requirement of spandex content is more than 15%, 18% is the best. This swimsuit has excellent elasticity and can be easily stretched with body movement. When swimming, attention should be paid to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine molecule content of the water in the swimming pool. At present, the swimsuit made of the most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric in the world is most suitable for low-temperature water or swimming. Because this kind of fabric is more hollow, it is easy to keep body temperature.

2. Nylon fabrics: most middle-end swimsuits are made of nylon filaments or staple fibers, which are blended or interwoven. They have both the characteristics and advantages of each fiber. Nylon fabrics are characterized by toughness and wear resistance, but their shortcomings are poor elasticity, easy wrinkle, decreased wet strength and easy sagging during wear. The swimsuit made of nylon fabric belongs to the middle price. Compared with the swimsuit made of polyurethane fabric, the swimsuit made of nylon fabric has not enough elasticity, but its toughness is very good. Because of its low price, it is also the most commonly used swimsuit fabric nowadays.

3. Polyester fabrics: swimsuits made of polyester fabrics have less elasticity and limbs are easily limited, so they are mostly used in small split swimsuits. They are not suitable for single swimsuits, and are basically low-grade products. This material is seldom used alone, most of it is mixed with spandex and nylon.

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