What's the difference between a bathing suit and ordinary clothes?

- Apr 29, 2019-

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1. Different characteristics

Swimsuit USES the textile that meets water not to droop more, not bulge is made, immerse in water won't sink. Ordinary clothing that is immersed in water will absorb water and sink.

2. Different functions

Bathing suit is a special suit for swimming, while ordinary clothes are used for daily wear.

3. Different styles

Swimsuits have styles such as one-piece, high-waisted, split, etc., and swimsuits are usually sleeveless straps or strapless styles. Although ordinary clothes can also be split and top and bottom, but can have short sleeves, long sleeves and other different sleeve length and pattern. Because of the different materials. Swimsuits are definitely tighter and more waterproof.

Swimsuit USES the textile that meets water not to hang loosely more commonly, not bulge to make.

The most common swimsuit fabrics are divided into the following three types:

1. Dupont lycra swimsuits will have a longer service life than those made of ordinary materials, and are more suitable for one-piece swimsuits.

2, nylon fabric swimsuit belongs to the middle price, of course, compared with dupont lycra surface swimsuit, solidity is not enough, but the flexibility and softness is equal, is now the most commonly used swimsuit fabric.

3, polyester fabric swimsuit elasticity is small, limited, and belongs to low-cost products, generally designed for the two-piece swimsuit, not suitable for one-piece swimsuit