What's the difference between a swimsuit and an underwear bra?

- Apr 26, 2019-

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There are three main differences between swimsuits and underwear:

1. Different functions:

Swimsuit should suit when underwater motion is worn, this asks swimsuit wants waterproof, have flexibility, and the resistance that produces to water in underwater motion process wants small, to achieve this, swimsuit is designed very tight design. The mainest function of underwear is the breast that protects a woman, have prop up and model the effect of form, make craft more complex. At the same time, comfortable wearing can not be too tight, so it pro-skin, breathable, moisture absorption better, keep the skin dry.

2. Different fabrics:

Swimsuit and underwear fabric selection Angle is completely opposite, mainly reflected in the hydrophilic fabric. Swimsuit is commonly used dupont lycra, nylon, polyester and other waterproof and elastic fabric production, and underwear with good water absorbent cotton fabric production.

3. Different appearance:

Swimsuit is worn outside, pay attention to visual effect quite on the design, material pledges opposite thick, exterior is fashionable, and design is various, decorative pattern is varied also. And underwear wears inside, material is more frivolous, give priority to with pure color, design also does not have swimsuit much.

So, swimsuits can't be worn as underwear, and underwear can't be worn as swimsuits. Swimsuit generally when swimming in the summer wear, and underwear to wear all the year round, the swimsuit underwear can not be replaced, the reason is swimsuit didn't have the air permeability and moisture absorption, underwear again, also can't replace the swimsuit, underwear is underwear don't have the swimsuit waterproof, and cotton underwear after absorbing water becomes translucent, easy to cause the awkward.