What should men pay attention to when choosing swimming trunks?

- Apr 17, 2019-

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Men choose swimming trunks, in the pursuit of good-looking at the same time, but also to take care of the sense of "wear". Learn to choose swimsuit material so qualitative, it is an important standard that judges man swimsuit grade absolutely. Like shoes, only you know how comfortable your swimming trunks are.

Spandex fabric:

With excellent elasticity, alias elastic fiber, can stretch 5-8 times without deformation, aging. For men who are used to stretching their trunks during swimming, fabrics that contain 15 percent spandex or more are a great way to extend the life of their trunks. At the same time, spandex can also leave the water, the rapid "dehydration", ensure clean and refreshing.

Nylon fabric:

Extremely high strength and abrasion resistance. However, under the "support" of the above two characteristics, the swimming trunks made of nylon fabric have poor performance in air permeability, and after a long time and many times entering the water, the fabric is prone to droopy and will produce a lot of wrinkles, so you should be more aware of the choice.

In addition to fabric, stitches should also be selected, and the seams of the swimming trunks should be attended to, with at least three stitches and five threads, and the elasticity of the thread used should be consistent with the fabric to avoid breakage at the stitching.

If it's just hitting on the beach or showing off with a red wine glass, beach pants are an option. Considering that walking on the beach can get you wet, it's wise to choose a pair of fast-drying fabric beach pants, which are mainly made of polyester fiber. They can keep you elegant even when you leave the beach for a short time.

For men who never give up the pursuit of fashion on any occasion, swimsuit is undoubtedly a field full of challenges. There are no accessories or echoes of different clothes. At this time, the figure is the first resource, while the vision is the decisive factor.

If you are really into fashion, then the design of the swimming trunks should be the most important thing to pay attention to. If you think that only women's bikinis have different designs, you are limiting your imagination. Here, you have to know one word to understand the fashion for men's swimming trunks - Mankini. Men's bikini, "SAO" to the blasting design, not everyone can control, but can be in the fashion this standard, to add a lot of points, but also attract a lot of attention, if someone gave you courage, might as well tAnother important factor in a men's swimsuit's sense of style is the everyday look. For example, choose "British style" beach pants series. Besides the pant length, they are the same as suits in terms of model and design, such as zipper and button, which can not only slim the body, but also show the elegant temperament. Most importantly, the pants have a stylish suit "watch", but also the function of the beach pants "inside", because of its waterproof design, let men in the beach playing water and climbing freely switch between the sea without any sense of harmony.

Whether you care about fashion or utility, there are plenty of swim trunks to choose from. Some people say there are entry level and professional level, but if you have high requirements for your image, and you have high expectations for turning heads, then