What styles do women wear?

- Apr 19, 2019-

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Ms swimsuit


Two type the suit that points to jacket and pants apart, have bikini type and general two head type, bikini type calls 3 dot type again, its characteristic is to use makings very little. There is no denying that the three-point swimsuit is the most attractive, if women have a proud figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimsuit can be the first choice.

A type

A one-piece swimsuit has straps and tubes, as well as chinese-style collars. The waist-like strap-on swimsuit is very traditional and is the style most people choose. Actually although the swimsuit of shoulder belt type is common, but through the change of shoulder belt, still can find a bit more special, be like before a few years abroad had popular one shoulder a head. The swimsuit of the bosom that opens deeply additionally and twine style, it is best to go up narrow the bodily form with wide bottom is decorated. And, add a distinctive modification on bust line, can make bodily form more hasten perfect.


Canister type swimsuit appears relatively chic, its garment body shows canister shape, add condole belt, some condole belt is detachable. The suit reduces the transparency of the bust and hips, and a high-cut hem lengthens the leg line.

A three-piece type

Three-piece swimsuit is a bikini and a coat, so it is more convenient to wear, wear bikini when entering the water, put on the coat after going ashore so it can cover proud flesh, wear more beautiful female figure.