What styles of men's swimming trunks do you have?

- Apr 17, 2019-

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Swimming is definitely a favorite way for men to cool off in the hot summer, so many men are buying swimming trunks. But there are also people who struggle with how to choose swimming trunks, what kind of material to choose? Today xiaobian for you to introduce the basic knowledge of men's swimming trunks. Now let's have a look at the styles of men's swimming trunks. What's a good material for men's swimming trunks?

1, dupont lycra: is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, can be extended to the original length of 4~6 times, excellent stretch, suitable for blending with a variety of fibers, can strengthen the texture of the pendant, anti-wrinkle and other advantages. The chlorine-resistant dupont lycra will give swimsuits a longer life than those made from ordinary materials.

2. Nylon fabric: although the texture is not as solid as lycra fabric, its flexibility is almost the same as lycra fabric. Currently the most commonly used fabric for swimwear, it is suitable for mid-priced products.

3. Polyester fabric: elastic fabric with one direction and two square stretches. Due to the limited elasticity, it is mostly used in swimming trunks or women's two-part style, not for the one-piece style. Fabric that can be partially cut or low unit price.

Men's swimming trunks are mostly dark colors such as dark blue and black. However, nowadays, light-colored swimming trunks are more and more favored by people, such as green, yellow, sky blue, etc., but also attract some controversy, especially in the white swimming trunks. Many people dare not wear white swimming trunks.

(1) high-waisted: they are usually designed for flat-angle swimming trunks, but they are becoming obsolete, so there aren't many on the market.

(2) normal waist: flat Angle and triangle are acceptable. There are many such swimming trunks, which are usually a popular choice, but I think they are more suitable for flat Angle swimming trunks.

(3) low waist: most of the designs are triangle, because the design of the triangle swimming trunks is better than the normal waist, and they have flat corners, but they are wide and ugly. Low-rise swim trunks are on the rise and are starting to cover over normal waist trunks as the triangle becomes more and more popular.

(4) ultra low waist: usually refers to the triangle swimming trunks that show a little cleavage. This kind of swimming trunks is more suitable for open-minded people, because it can be described as sexy once, but it is not the mainstream, after all, some people will call it abnormal.

(1) no waist girdling measures

These are virtually extinct because they are so easy to fall off without elastic or rope that it's not safe to walk, let alone ride. Unless it's really snug, you can't wear them without a waist, but to be on the safe side, don't wear them.

(2) only elastic band

There are plenty of these, but make sure you choose the right fit when you buy them. Because buy loose, and can not be tight, easy to drop. Buy tight, have uncomfortable. But a word of warning: elastic bands age easily in water for a long time. They lose their elasticity and become loose.

Note: if you have custom-made swim trunks, you can sometimes make them as tight or loose as you like. I recommend "loose" because loose actually suits the comfort level of people and is not easy to fall off (except for diving, if you choose normal or more tight diving, otherwise you are willing to drop, the impact is too big). I don't recommend the "very loose" option, unless you're very fat. I used to make swim trunks like this, and they slipped when I walked.

(3) only the pants rope

The upside is that they can be adjusted for tightness and don't age as easily as elastic bands, but these are rare and fast becoming obsolete, so there may be a downside.

(4) both elastic band and trousers rope

Can say compatible the property of both, safe coefficient is highest. As a result, it has become the mainstream today, and I personally recommend it.