What swimsuit looks slimmest in summer? According to the body defects wear, covering meat shows thin, revealing a charming figure??

- May 07, 2019-

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Hey, fairies, May Day is coming, and finally will usher in this happy moment, small make up must know that have a boyfriend have a boyfriend about up, that single people? It must be about the best bestie group!

hat if bestie all went to ask a boyfriend how to do! ? (ha, I am the one that is forgotten) that fairies ask me!

Speaking of this little vacation, I'm so excited! Pinch point to calculate, believe a lot of people will go to the seaside! Or go to the water sports! In addition to the dress, the most important thing is to prepare a good swimsuit!

Jiang shuying before also hang out his swimsuit photo is really super beautiful, printed long-sleeve one-piece swimsuit, show her pure beauty. There is not only her, nazah also posted her swimsuit photos out to sea, black backless swimsuit, that figure is really provocative ~ sure enough, the holiday is also in the colorful ~

In the past, we are a little bit of swimsuit can not open, because more is to show their tuo tuo of meat, not too shy! As more and more swimsuits can be chosen by oneself now, everybody is basking in the swimsuit photograph that oneself seaside plays in friend circle in succession. I have to say it is amazing, even a fleshy girl can be beautiful!

So how do you find a swimsuit that suits you?

Don't worry, let me tell you!

Learn these two points, so that you for their own wear a charming, and in the play out!

1, know their own shortcomings, choose the style

2. Different styles of swimsuits

One, choose according to the shortcoming

When it comes to choosing a swimsuit, many people try to make their flaws disappear! The place that can have a lot of flesh flesh, should hide hide! Take a look at your weaknesses!

Thick arms

The fairy with thick arm people, can dress at ordinary times through oneself same, can have a keep out to the arm, must not choose to wipe bosom or condole belt, because there is nothing to keep out, the arm still is same thick.

Choice: one word shoulder style, open shoulder style2. Belly

Now many fairy more is the small belly is particularly obvious, because sits in the office every day, does not exercise. Then how to cover his stomach? A lot of people say that if you wear a one-piece, the belly won't be obvious, but the overall look will be.

Options: high-waisted separates

3, thick legs

If you have thick legs, you won't be able to show them off, because you won't be able to get thin legs! Elongate your legs only by being taller, so they don't draw attention to your larger legs.

Of course, try not to wear boxer shorts. That's not enough to stretch your legs.

Options: high-waisted, high-slant one-piece, bikini

4, small breasts

Wear swimsuit the most awkward it is oneself are airfield, this is the big worry of small bosom sister absolutely! You don't want people to see that you don't have any advantages.

Option: halter style

5, big chest

In my opinion, wearing a bathing suit and large breasts is definitely not a disadvantage. Show it, be proud! But there are also a lot of fairy babies who are too conservative to show their strengths.

Options: one-piece swimsuit, v-neck swimsuit

Two, swimsuit style type

A lot of people are right the style of swimsuit, can stay in sex appeal, always feel to put on swimsuit him to be sexy wind. But actually otherwise, a lot of styles are more than sexy wind, now times is in progress, a lot of elements are added now on swimsuit. So there's a lot of styles that come up all the time.

1. College spirit

The design of printing, add the lacy that hits color, contain the element of dot motion, the institute wind that has no problem, contracted not flowery, still can let you have gutty little green feeling.

2. Retro style

Check grain or dark color department can have a kind of wind restoring ancient ways, stripe also is a big leading role that restore ancient ways, put on still have a bit of time feeling.

3, sweet wind

Sweet breeze, estimate is a kind of swimsuit style that the fairies are most popular. Broken flower money still has a few designs of little wave dot, special girl, put on swimsuit to still have to maintain girl style can't wrong. Any time is a little cute!If you can fit your own style and hide your shortcomings, the May Day holiday is not beautiful? That I do not believe, unless you are really do not want to wear a swimsuit, or is the disadvantage of five already accounted for four, that I tell you, then fly yourself, or their own play experience is important! Big deal be stimulated, come back za again good good reduce weight, next year again battle!