When I got my first bathing suit?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Family Match Surfing Wetsuit Swimming Shorts.jpg

Does a naked swim count as a naked swim? Doesn't count. Naked swimming is a very primitive thing. Nude swimming is a popular game among young people in the city.

I can't remember how old I was when I started swimming. How come my parents never asked about it?

I still remember learning to swim with my kids -- the coach was by his side -- but I couldn't get out of the pool. I can not say that my parents do not care about me, I can only say that in their eyes, summer came, their children in the river is a normal thing, and a loach in the water is absolutely no different.

Country people learn to swim is always a mystery, no one really "learn", rowing, suddenly, will. This "sudden" is really sudden, as if the body has been inspired by god, your body has buoyancy, your relationship with the water immediately established. In this sense, I believe that the so-called "gene", as the original "aquarium", the human body must store the gene about water, in other words, the memory about water. Similarly, I believe there are music genes, painting genes and literature genes stored in the human body. Most of the people who destroy genes are stupid parents. The children are their own. As a result, mysterious genes disappeared, and the quicksilver glitter turned to cement. They beat their feet at the child's clumsy breast.

Country kids certainly don't have to wear trunks when they swim. Swimming trunks? That's ridiculous. We're naked on shore. What are we supposed to be underwater? To whom? I don't watch fish or shrimp.

But who? Who is it? He brought with him a remarkable invention -- he superimposed two triangular red scarves, cut off three corners, and sewn them together, so that the two red scarves became nothing but swimming trunks. This ingenious invention inspired all the children and became fashionable all at once. Don't assume that fashion is a "global" event. Our village was very busy. In the evening, all the children became monkeys and jumped into the river with their red asses.

Fashion soon became the culture of our village. Soon there was a rumor in the village that the ghost in the river, that is, the water ghost, was most afraid of red. Once a child put on the red swimming trunks, the water ghost would never come near him again. The reason is simple, the red textiles are underwater fires, they burn like the sun, in an incredible way, it will illuminate the dark river bed - the water ghost has nowhere to hide. Just think, so many red swimming trunks crowded together in a small river, the river suddenly into a dozen SUNS.