When swimming is just swimming, what about men's swimming trunks?

- Apr 23, 2019-

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To be a stylish man, one must be well-rounded. In addition to the necessity of the suit shirt, a swimsuit that can show off a good figure is indispensable. And cloth is less and less today, no matter be in seaside, balcony or bath crock, a sexy swimsuit is more enough second kills full-court, bring endless imagination space. Learn about the history of swim trunks, what makes a good swim trunks, and how to pick your own.

[the prototype of swimming trunks]

Before the 16th century, both men and women usually swam naked, and the sea was considered so natural and simple that no clothes were worn. In the middle ages, it was considered a crime to expose one's body for a long time. Thus, the original "swimsuit" appeared. In the upper class, men wore "apron" and women wore linen shirts. Now, with swimming trunks becoming a must-have item for all types of men to show off their bodies, there are more possibilities. But many men's swimwear concept is still stuck in the last century, in fact, men's swimming trunks in the selection of the same pay attention to!

What is a good swimming trunks?

Two important things about good swimming trunks are comfort and durability. It should be like your second skin, attached to your body, less cloth, less bondage, can swim freely, but at the same time there is no obvious sense of bondage, can let you easily complete a movement, even keep doing it will not feel wrong.

[about comfort]

In terms of comfort, it's important to note the shape of the pants. Flat, triangle, or knee-length pants are recommended. But others ask, "why are all those professionals wearing pants?" It all started in the first half of the 20th century, when everyone wore swim trunks that were shorter because skin held less water than cloth.

Then, as technology got better and better, someone invented high-tech swimsuits that fitted theskin better and had less resistance than the skin, mimicking shark skin, so everyone started wearing as many as they could, even men in full body armor from neck to ankle.

Sharkskin trunks have long been controversial and suspected of cheating. As a result, the London 2012 Olympic Games was banned, and fina stipulated that male athletes' swimming trunks should not be above the waist or below the knee, and high-tech fabrics should not be used, but only fabrics. Because "swimming is a sport based on the physical ability of athletes", we use the pictures of swimming competitions in the four Olympic Games to feel:

[about durability]

Durability depends mainly on the resistance to chlorine and elasticity of swimming trunks, both of which are related to the material. There are three common long-life materials on the market, one is 100% polyester fiber; Second, Xtra Life Lycra fabric is relatively expensive, so it is usually blended with other materials. Third, polyester fiber blended about 10% spandex fabric. In addition, durability is also related to the cleaning and maintenance of swimming trunks. Of course, you don't need to worry too much about durability to buy a brand with a good reputation.

Swimwear material is close friends, do not plan cheap buy ground booth goods, buy brand as far as possible, who also does not want to come out from the swimming pool when swimwear is transparent or both sides panasonic comes. Do not take underwear as swimsuit swim, because the fabrics of underwear is pure cotton more, enter water hind easy bibulous, bring about underwear very heavy, plus underwear is more loose fold, it is very insecure. And don't go for the all-stretchy variety, opting instead for a harder material close to masculine features. This way, you don't overemphasize your masculine features.

How to choose the right swimming trunks for you


Don't buy speedos with elastic straps and no rope. They are too easy to fall off and are not safe to walk in, let alone the shock of the water. Also, don't buy speedos that only have cord and no elastic straps. If they don't fit properly, they will fall out of shape and add drag. Instead, buy swim trunks with elastic straps and rope. In addition, when you buy swimming trunks, you should pay attention to the thread head and the interface between the fabric and the fabric to avoid opening or breaking the fabric.

[color, pattern and figure]

Men's swimming trunks should be avoided as much as possible, and light colored ones should be avoided as they are easy to penetrate. If you don't like fancy colors, choose solid colors. People with darker skin should avoid wearing brown or yellow swimming trunks to avoid looking dirty. Bright, patterned swim trunks suit the skinny. Have the person of abdomen, in order to cover your abdomen, the design of high waist wide side belt is right choice. If you have a fat waist, you can also opt for a dark stripe on the outside of the swimming trunks, which has the obvious function of tightening the hips.

For those with wider hips, opt for dark four-legged chinos. And the person of coxal collapse, the design that chooses bright color department to add horizontal grain, can decorate buttock form inadequacy. Short people are best suited to wear bright, straight-stripe swim trunks that "stretch" the body. For shorter bottoms, high-waisted briefs are best. Try not to wear four-legged trunks, which can make legs look shorter. For people with longer legs, a pair of low-rise, slitted trunks is great. For someone with a strong body, you can find almost any style that suits you.

[recommended by wom swimming trunks]

Brand: Speedo chlorine-resistant five-minute knee-length trunks

Fabric: it is made of ENDURANCE+ efficient anti-chlorine technology. It is durable and durable in color. It is skin-friendly and breathable, and it dries quickly, which can keep the skin clean and fresh for long time.

Credit: Speedo this stylish printed knee-length swimming trunks, with irregular contrasting prints on both sides, add movement to a simple body. Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring, firm and smooth waist is not easy to slip. Whole exquisite level off seam matchs on level off stretch pants mouth, let limb swing agile freely.

Suitable for: strong body, dark skin, fat waist, wide hip collapse

Brand: Speedo Speedo v-style knee-length trunks

Fabric: ENDURANCE+ high-efficient anti-chlorine technical fabric, which can be used for a long time and is not easy to deform, has good resilience, and fits body shape well.

Credit: Speedo speedos have v-shaped crotch cuts that flatter your curves and make you feel more comfortable. Between the waist two sides contrast color design, increases the artistic degree, simultaneously more displays the strong and handsome figure.

Suitable for: strong body, dark skin, fat waist, wide hip collapse

Brand: love boxer trunksFabric: blended with 80% polyester fiber and 20% spandex, the fabric is soft and shiny, with delicate and smooth feel and comfortable fit.Why you should love them: they have a simple but elegant floral design that is understated yet stylish. Comfortable flat Angle design version is simple, make the activity in water follow one's heart freely. The drawstring design of waist circumference, can adjust by oneself according to bodily form, practical and convenient. The front end has a double lining that protects your sensitive areas while avoiding the embarrassment of a skinny swim suit.Suit: the figure is strong, have lower abdomen, hip is wide collapse

Brand: Bosoar dry flat Angle swimming trunks

Fabric: the overall use of nylon and spandex blended fabric. And through the precision sewing process to create a soft and delicate touch at the same time to provide excellent air permeability and quick drying effect.

Recommended reason: this style of swimming trunks is tailored according to ergonomic principles. The flat corner design can effectively reduce the friction with the skin and ensure the flexibility of the body. It is an ideal choice for beach holidays, diving, swimming and other outdoor activities. Adjustable ties meet the needs of different waistlines, practical more humane.

Suitable for: strong body, dark skin, abdomen, wide hip collapse

Brand: MP professional racing boxer trunks

Fabric: Alace technology material, combined with XLA elastic fiber and environmentally friendly polyamide yarn to make a durable chlorine-resistant and water-resistant fabric, even if the fabric is soaked in chlorine water for 240 hours can remain elastic.Why you should love it: the design, named the Baltimore element, is Phelps' hometown, and he chose the prints. The unique prints are colorful because the fabrics are cut differently and each pair is different.

Suitable for: strong body, dark skin, short stature, strong lower body

Brand: decathlon briefs

Fabric: elastic fiber can ensure that the fabric is elastic enough to improve the comfort of wearing.

Credit: decathlon is designed for regular swimmers and has great hip support and stability. Triangle design, with classic cutting, allows you to move freely. The design and color printing also has the certain fashion degree, the drawstring design is convenient to adjust the waistline, is very suitable for the exercise and the training.

Suitable for: strong body, dark skin, short stature, strong lower body

[swimming trunks care tips]

The important point that cleans swimsuit is to touch the chloric in pool water to get rid of quickly namely, rinse swimsuit with clear water as soon as possible so, avoid is to use washing powder, need can choose neuter to wash fluid. Avoid to use washing machine, hot water at the same time, do not pull it forcibly more, need shade when air is dry, avoid insolate. Also, don't wear the same suit for 24 hours if you can, and give it time to recover.