where to buy surfing swimsuits?

- Jan 11, 2019-

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Surfing is a sport that uses the waves to power and use its superior skills and balance to fight the waves. Athletes stand on surfboards, or use a web, seesaw, inflatable rubber mats, rowing boats, kayaks, etc. To drive a wave of water sports, then what should we pay attention to when surfing? Surfers must abide by the rules of surfing and riding, one person and one wave, who is closest to the wave wall to take the first priority to stand up, at this time the competing surfers quickly brake or pump to stop surfing; surfing must be done well Have the skills of stealing waves, high fighting spirit, strong physical muscles, usually watch surf videos, surf magazines, surf with surfers, watch more, have more internet and exchange experience, so you can quickly Become a surf master; the best wave shape for surfing is the best way to push the waves on both sides of the slope. The most dangerous and worst wave is a wave of waves that burst in an instant. Please rest on the shore, everyone knows surfing. Want to wear a swimsuit?


Surfing is to wear a surfer swimsuit , and wearing a better quality surf bikini, men can wear only one swimming trunk, and women can wear a surf bikinis  to surf, but it is best to wear a sunscreen to protect the skin from tanning.


Surfing is a very thrilling sport. The pedal surfboard is in the midst of the stormy waves. Even people who are familiar with water and have superb skills will inevitably have danger. Therefore, with the development of surfing, surfing lifesaving activities are also constantly developing.


As early as 1778, the British explorer Captain J. Cook had seen local residents in the Hawaiian Islands. After 1908, surfing traveled to some countries in Europe and America. It was passed to Asia after 1960. Surfing has developed considerably in the last decade or two, and large-scale surfing competitions have been held in North America, Peru, Hawaii, South Africa and the eastern Australian waterfront.


The birth of the plastics industry produced lightweight plastic surfboards that promoted the development of surfing, and as a result, surfing was truly carried out in many countries around the world. As surfing became more popular and improved, its movement developed in the direction of competition. Australia often holds surfing competitions. The first World Championship in Surfing was held in Manley, Australia in 1962, followed by a biennial competition. The game is based on the number and quality of surfers who have completed the surf time within the specified time. It is scored on a 20-point scale. For example, within 3 minutes, 3 waves or 45 minutes, 6 waves, and then according to the surfers’ surfing. Scores such as turning, taxiing distance, and difficulty in selecting waves.