Which kind of swimsuit does the hot spring wear?

- Mar 15, 2019-

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Hot springs are natural waters that come out from the ground. Therefore, hot springs are good for health and well-being. Many girls who know how to maintain health often have hot springs. So the question is, what kind of clothes should I wear in winter hot springs? Girls in the hot springs are actually a swimsuit is enough.

Girls bathing in hot springs is of course wearing a swimsuit, but the swimsuit should not cover too much body. In strict sense, the less you wear, the better, because the hot springs should directly contact the hot spring water, and many swimsuits are tight, which is not conducive to blood. cycle.

Wearing a bathing suit must pay attention to the color of the suit. Your main purpose is to cover up your lower body. Then you can wear a brightly colored dress, which must be a flat angle, and then surround a light towel. The color of the dress, do not be solid color) add a large pin or hairpin. This can distract attention elsewhere. Not only does it cover up the deficiencies, but it is also more beautiful. You can try it first. In many places abroad, it is recommended that all hot springs be stripped of clothes. In some places, such as Japan and South Korea, some hot springs are required to be stripped. In the country, you usually need to wear a swimsuit. We are just for the sake of elegance. Because the role of hot spring water is generally absorbed directly through the skin.

Some effects such as moisturizing, exfoliating, and bacteria removal require direct contact between hot spring water and skin. So you need to undress. If you are still not used to bathing suits, you can choose a sling top and short shorts, but all need to be thinner. Because of this, the purpose of going to the hot springs can be achieved, otherwise it will be wasted. This depends on the individual situation and the situation of the hot springs. Why do you want to say this? In fact, whether you want to wear a swimsuit or not, you usually do not need to wear clothes. When you are in the hot springs, relax your body. The swimsuit is generally tight, which is not conducive to blood circulation. Of course, this situation is for the hot springs. The kind of men and women are separated, in this case, you can bare bubble, but the general hot springs are open-air, men and women are all together, and of course they can’t be naked, so don’t wear them. In a swimsuit, you need to see what kind of hot springs to go to the hot springs! The choice of swimsuits is also very particular. The water in the hot springs has certain damage to the swimsuits, so don't buy those poor quality swimsuits. The choice of swimsuits should be cautious.

Swimwear doesn't have to be too good

Girls do not wear hot swimsuits, too high-priced swimsuits to hot springs, because the hot spring water contains sulfur, it will cause damage to the swimsuit, no need. Bathing suits worn by hot springs are different from general swimwear. Because hot springs have high water temperatures and contain minerals, bathing suits that are too long will destroy their elasticity. In addition, the temperature of the hot spring is generally above 40 degrees Celsius, which will destroy the elasticity of the swimsuit. Therefore, the swimsuit after the hot spring is generally not used. It is recommended not to wear a very good and expensive swimsuit, otherwise you will regret it.

Wear as little as possible

Hot springs should directly contact the hot spring water, so the less you wear, the better. In particular, many swimsuits are tight, which is not conducive to blood circulation. Try to wear a bikini as much as possible so that your skin can be fully exposed to hot spring water, which can also greatly reduce the damage of the hot spring water to the swimsuit.

Comes with bathrobe

There are common bathrobes in the hot springs, but there are a lot of people. When you are on the water, you can't tell who is who, so it's better to bring a better one.