Why can't you find a nice and comfortable sports bra?

- Mar 17, 2020-

For many sports-loving girls, the proud figure has become a big problem: when exercising vigorously, the jitter of the two fat in the chest will bring great discomfort. What causes this? Did the birth of sports bras really solve this problem? Why is it difficult to satisfy the sports underwear on the market?

Sports bras are more than just sports equipment. It's not like a bat, baseball glove or leggings-these products are designed to maximize functionality. The sports bra is also a cultural product, a fashion product, which bears too much burden on how women should look. "A sports bra means much more than an ordinary bra.

Suddenly, women have thousands of choices, but not every choice is good. "No garment is more difficult to design than a sports bra," said LaJean Lawson, a chest researcher, and consultant at Champion Athletics. "There are too many parameters. Bras are most closely linked to cultural stereotypes. You have to consider sweating, Support, friction, straps, whether they will slide, and then consider whether the shape is cute. This is indeed a long list of conflicting design requirements. "

If your sports bra makes you look flat from head to toe, no one likes it. The shape of sports bras and their performance and function are equally important. A chest is actually the best way to reduce chest movement and pain. But women are constantly being told that even their sports bras should be sexy. Pasta-style straps, deep V and padded cup design rolled wide flat straps and good support. "Women feel the need to present themselves in the best and most sexually attractive way," Schultz said.

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Cortina, the CEO of Anderman, responded to the sentiment in the email: "Women want to be comfortable and look good," she wrote, "the days of sacrificing fashion for fit and comfort are gone. No matter how many cups, Women expect and deserve a suitable, good-performing bra that keeps up with the trends. Many bras can meet one of them, but not all. Women need everything, and she can have everything!

This is an excellent example of the dilemma of "doing everything" for women. Sports bra can't just be a qualified bra. It has to be fashionable and the most fashionable. It must also be full of femininity. It must support the girl just right, and cannot erase her body shape and curve. And, if you have to choose one, bra manufacturers will almost always choose form over function.

When asked about the future of sports bras, Lawson talked more about fabrics than overall design. She is looking forward to such a fabric-"It can respond to the impact of the chest, achieve local control instead of relying on the shoulders, and can better correspond to body temperature and heat transfer rate." Compression and package design are enough. Although their form can indeed be improved, the basic system of sports bras will probably not change much in a short period of time.

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