Why wear a sports bra?

- Oct 28, 2019-

The strength of the breast shaking during exercise is 3 to 5 times its own weight. The female runner runs 1 kilometer and the breast shakes about 85 meters. According to the intensity of exercise, the breast injury rate is 38% to 63%. Not waiting.

In fact, the breast does not have any muscle tissue to support it. Only the skin and connective tissue, that is, the fiber bundle connecting the chest fascia and the pectoral fascia, support and fix the breast. Therefore, the vigorous shaking of the breast during exercise can easily cause the ligament tissue to lose its elasticity and cause the breast to sag.

So, whether you are running or doing other sports, whether it is an A cup or a C cup, you need to protect your breasts. Ordinary bras are not enough to support and protect the breasts during running, which will not only cause the shoulder straps to slip but also cause damage to the pectoralis major muscles. The choice of a professional sports bra is essential to provide vertical, horizontal and rounded support for different strength movements to protect the soft connective tissue of the breast. At the same time, sports bras often consider quick-drying, breathable, moisture wicking, avoiding friction and other functions, making the running process more comfortable and smooth.