Bathing Suit Cleaning

- Feb 12, 2019-

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In the hot summer, wearing a set of your favorite swimwear, playing in the water, this is a beautiful embodiment. So how do you make your beloved swimwear slower than others? Take a look at a few tips from Xiaobian.

Before swimming

1. If you have sunscreen and sun oil all over your body, wait until you are half dry before putting on your swimsuit. In general, swimsuits are made of stretchable polyurethane fibers, and chemicals such as sunscreens can damage the elasticity of swimwear.

2, after wearing a swimsuit to avoid sitting on a rough object. Contact with the rough surface of cement, sand, rock, etc., it is easy to cause the skin of swimwear and swimming trunks to wear.

3, before the water, first wet the swimsuit and swimming trunks with water. Swimwear and swimming trunks have a very short life. The main reason is that the chlorine in the pool water is corroded. Before the water is used, the swimsuit and swimming trunks are wetted with water to reduce the corrosion of the pool water or sea water and increase the service life of the swimsuit and swimming trunks.


After swimming

1. After swimming, you should rinse your body and take off your swimsuit. This will not bring the sand on the swimsuit surface into the inside of the swimsuit.

2, swimwear should not wring out, roll the swimsuit into the dry towel, let the dry towel to absorb too much moisture in the swimsuit.


After going home

1. Immediately wash with lukewarm water. Soak in some neutral detergents (such as shower gel, shampoo) for 10 minutes, then hand wash, do not use washing machine and bleach.

2. Rinse the swimsuit thoroughly. If it is difficult to clean the inside of the swimsuit, the swimsuit can be soaked until the sediment is completely precipitated before cleaning.

3. Do not use force to wring out. After washing, don't wring out the swimsuit too hard. It is recommended to put the swimsuit on a dry towel, let the towel absorb the moisture on the swimsuit, and let it dry naturally.

4, dry in the shade. Swimwear should not be exposed to the sun in order to prevent the fabric from becoming dry and brittle.

5, after drying out, put it in a cool place. When storing, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, away from chemicals such as cosmetics and laundry detergents. It is recommended to use a storage box for storage. In order to keep the ventilation and dry, it is best to put some desiccant in the storage box.