Cropped Pants Fashion

- Sep 26, 2018-

It can make women in their forties more fashionable and energetic. This is of course pleased

The habit of women of all ages. Light gray, ash, gray green, yellow green, white, khaki, black and other colorful colors are also competing for it to insert a stylish weather vane, for us to interpret the story of summer.

This summer's fashion cropped trousers are popular with knee-length open, short front and long asymmetrical structure. The length of the two front and back pants is about 3 cm, which is more urban and more visually tension. The shape is also quietly "changing the face", no longer limited to the pants shape of the tightly wrapped legs, a straight and hip-width wide version of the pants have been flashing from the shadows of the girls from time to time in the streets of the city. When it comes to fabrics, there are common hemp, kabi cotton, cotton plus lycra, denim, linen and polyester blends, polyester fiber and nylon. These fabrics have good drape and stereotype on the basis of breathability and sweat absorption. And it is free from ironing and easy to wash.