Cropped Pants Style

- Sep 26, 2018-

Korean version of loose feet and cropped trousers

The seven-point is just the right length, not only gives enough space to give the pants or even the details of the design, but also the work at the calf

The slender beauty is revealed. It is also the cropped trousers that can control such a bright red color. In the late summer and early autumn seasons, it will not appear too hot, but it adds a little playfulness and cuteness.

Korean version of Harlan denim cropped trousers

Every girl also has her own cool side. It is no longer the little girl who loves to be spoiled, nor is it the little girl of Cechenino... I can hide this for a while, and it can be so personal again. Of course, this is all Inevitably, the growth of harem pants with several irregular holes. So, I boldly said "My land, I am the master."