Cropped Trousers

- Sep 26, 2018-

Cropped trousers refer to pants that are seven inches long and have long knees and lower legs. Cropped trousers are long-lived fashion items. No matter where the popular footsteps go, it will come back in various forms every year and is loved by consumers.

Women on the street, like all-in-one, like to wear cropped trousers, beautiful legs, seven points for seven points, there is no exposure, but also can show personal beauty. The length of the change, the flanging, the opening, the elastic cotton with the Lycra, the polyester fiber, the printed satin and other fabrics make the cropped pants fall out of the way, not as rigid as the trousers, and will not Being too active like shorts, it is also suitable for the needs of young MM: youthful, lively, and human.