How To Wear Tight Pants?

- Feb 01, 2019-

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Leggings are an indispensable item in girls' wardrobes.

But if the match is not good

Very easy to look vulgar and rustic

Today, the United States wants to teach everyone

Are some minefields and the right way to wear leggings

Let you wear leggings for a sense of quality this winter.

Three leggings are easy to wear

Colorful and candy-colored leggings must be the first mines to be avoided by the fairies. The gaudy is the biggest feeling of this kind of leggings, and the beautiful legs can't be saved.

The family is not a dyeing workshop. Is it necessary to wear such a "fresh and fresh"? I don't know if I thought of putting my mother's autumn pants on my body.

The second minefield to avoid is definitely flesh-colored leggings. Most of the flesh color is extremely unnatural. It seems to give people a very awkward feeling. If your legs are thicker, it is a car accident scene.

If it is not "chopstick legs", it is recommended not to try the meat and reflective styles easily. It is sexy to wear, and it is wind dust.

The meat leggings are not fat, it is easy to leave a cheap and vulgar impression, lacking texture.

The one-piece leggings are more integrated, and generally do not need to wear a pair of socks, it will be more slim, convenient and warm, and there will be no troubles to go up.

Although the leggings are obvious, they are definitely not worn alone. There is a feeling that the whole butt is not exposed when wearing pants. It is very strange from the back.

Just wearing the buttocks, you may be exposed when you sit down and your ass may be very embarrassing.

Skirt + leggings

Some girls like to wear short and close-fitting skirts to match the leggings. In fact, it is really not good to wear them, especially for the big-legged ass.

So try to choose a slightly loose skirt, the same is a skirt, fluffy style to wear more than the hip-style fashion, it is very youthful and lively.

The leather skirt is also not suitable for matching leggings. There is no sense of fashion. The brighter the leather, the less suitable.

Even the "not old goddess" Song Hye Kyo can't save the pair, the whole person looks a bit thick and rustic.

A-line skirt + leggings is one of the most common CPs in autumn and winter, and the well-deserved artifact of the meat is the gospel of the ass.

The long pleated skirt + leggings are also fashionable and fashionable, and the elegant and elegant skirt makes you particularly feminine.

The cold-stricken girl can wear a knitted wool skirt to wear warmth and beauty.

I don't want to worry about what to do with the upper body. The long sweater skirt is definitely a good choice, simple and stylish.

The most popular trousers are of course wide-leg pants, loose and comfortable, and a leggings inside will not be fat.

The length of the nine points is better, showing the ankles, and the height is also thin.

Pants + leggings

Denim shorts and leggings worn in summer are not a style at all, and hard hits will only look nondescript.

Shoes + leggings

If you must match small white shoes, it is best not to wear one-piece leggings, can expose a little ankle, play a role of transition and buffer, it will be much better.

Don't think about the strong colors such as big red, big purple and big blue. The model may be more cool and stylish, but it is very strange and exaggerated for ordinary people to wear.

This year, it is also popular to go through the knee boots. If you don't want to show your skin, you can wear a pair of leggings. It is also very fashionable.

Just wear it right

Leggings can also be warm and stylish