Inspection Of BODY GLOVE October Shipment

- Oct 24, 2019-

We have established a strategic partnership with Body Glove company. Every month there are a large number of shipments, including leisure sports series, professional sports series, etc. 

Recently, we are ready to ship autumn casual sportswear. Before shipment, we have arranged professional quality inspection personnel for quality control to ensure the product quality of customers.

A about Body Glove, a American brand. In 1953, twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell co-founded Body Glove when they designed the first practical wetsuit. It all began in a pool in Booneville, Missouri.

Bill and Bob were fascinated with the water. When they were 14 years old, they fashioned their own diving helmet out of a vegetable can and a tire pump. One explored the bottom of a pool reading magazines while the other held the air pump on the surface.

In 1953, they discovered an insulating material used in the back of refrigerators. With this “neoprene” the Meistrell brothers fashioned the first practical wetsuits, and Body Glove was born.