Maternity Swimwear Selection

- Jan 30, 2019-

Maternity Tankini Floral Pregnancy Swimsuit.jpg

Swimsuit  is one of the must-have items for swimming. Swimming to the pool is the best way to cool off. But should pregnant women choose swimsuits? If it is early pregnancy, basically no need to make any changes. Because the belly is not very big, wearing the previous swimsuit should not be a problem. However, if you are in the middle and late pregnancy, you must choose a suitable swimsuit according to your body shape.

The choice of pregnant women's swimsuits  depends first on quality. Resolutely abandon the inferior swimsuit. Second, look at flexibility. The swimming range is generally large, so the swimsuit of pregnant women must be flexible, otherwise it is easy to deform and rupture. The elasticity of the swimsuit is determined by the spandex content, and the general content is 18% or more.

Pregnant women's bathing suits  must look at the fabric in addition to the elasticity. When you buy it, you must touch it with your hand and feel the difference between the thin and thick swimsuit. Be sure to choose a swimsuit with a lining, and a lining is equivalent to buying insurance for the swimsuit. Because the swimsuit without the liner is relatively thin, it is easy to go out.

The composition of the swimsuit fabric is also very important. Many people don't pay attention to this when buying swimsuits. They only pay attention to the style and price of the swimsuit. In fact, some cheap swimwear is mostly made of chemical fiber raw materials. Bathing suits with these fabrics can cause redness, itching, and allergies in the chest, back, and ankles.

Pregnant women's swimwear must not be borrowed or rented outside. Don't even borrow friends and relatives from each other. Swimsuits can easily lead to skin infections. In addition, after the swimsuit has just passed through, do not suffocate in the bag or the trunk for a long time, so as to avoid fading and heating, it should be washed with a clear hand as soon as possible.