The Best Age For Children To Swim

- Feb 11, 2019-

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Summer is coming, will your child consider swimming? Swimming can improve your child's brain development and strengthen your body. So, what is the best age for children to learn to swim?

Learning to swim is a test of physical strength and endurance. If your child is in the age of 4 to 8 years old, it is the best age! Below, let's take a look at the benefits and precautions of children's swimming.

The best age for children to learn to swim

4 to 8 years old is the best age to learn to swim.

The water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius is perfect for beginners. He analyzed: The child has a breath-holding instinct in the mother's womb. As the age increases, the instinct of breath holding will fade away and forget. He once put his nine-month son into the water, and his son instinctively held his breath. Of course, the child is too small, the body is tender, and the ability to accept instructions is also poor, not suitable for learning to swim.

Children between the ages of 4 and 8 have made great progress in terms of physical condition, ability to learn, and interest in learning. The instinct of breath holding has not been completely forgotten, and it is easy to learn once reminded. And it is also guaranteed in terms of study time.

The benefits of children swimming

1. The complex movement of swimming is done under the control of the brain, so that the function of the brain is also improved during the swimming process, which shows that the brain has a quick response to the external environment and good mental development.

2, children often swim can make the heart muscle developed, the metabolism is strong, the heartbeat is slower and more powerful than the same age, which prepares for the burden of greater physical load.

3, the child often swims, the function of the respiratory system has also been improved, showing a large lung capacity, long time of hernia.

4, frequent swimming can consume too much fat, use the muscles of various parts of the body, so that the body shape is well-proportioned.

5, regular swimming can also improve children's ability to withstand cold and disease.

6. However, there are some potential dangers while swimming. Parents should carefully monitor and prevent them.