The Consequences Of Running Without Sports Underwear

- Feb 13, 2019-

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Small beautiful next door, height one meter six eight,

The top is proud, beautiful and beautiful.

The only dissatisfaction is the new height of perennial fat.

Before this summer, she decided to thin her new self.

As a result, running and running, the meat is still small, the chest shrinks and sags,

I didn’t have a good chest shape before...

Is this the legendary "weight loss first chest"?

It’s not enough to have the determination and action to lose weight.

The equipment did not keep up, and it fell behind the people in minutes.

Lose weight, first reduce the chest,

How can people who are striving for a beautiful figure can endure!

Running without wearing sports underwear,

The consequences are more serious than you think

In all sports, the most demanding on the chest is the aerobic exercise with bouncing action, the most common of which is running. Some girls may say that I occasionally run a few times, and I am used to it. How big is the problem? If you think like this, it is a big mistake!

1. causing the chest to sag

The female breast is a relatively special organ in the body. It is mainly composed of soft tissue such as connective tissue, fat and breast gland. It is fixed by the breast suspensory ligament in the chest.

When you are running, the chest will produce severe vibrations, which will make the ligament tissue stretch and tighten, and with the effect of gravity, it will easily cause the chest to sag in the long run. Although the gravity of the earth is irreversible, the sports underwear is more supportive, which can reduce the excessive shaking of the chest to a certain extent and prevent the chest from sagging and sagging.

2. Compress breast tissue to increase the risk of disease

Women's chests have no muscles and bones, and are basically supported by the skin and the suspensory ligament of the breast, while ordinary underwear often has a steel ring for shaping the curve of the chest. During running, severe vibrations can cause ligaments and skin to be pulled. At this time, the structure of ordinary underwear may damage the breast suspensory ligament and the breast tissue that is pressed to the chest, increasing the risk of breast cancer.