The Origin Of The Swimsuit Contest

- Feb 14, 2019-

High Leg Triangle Bralette Bikini.jpg

Fifty years ago, a swimsuit revolution, like the atomic bomb explosion on the Bikini Island, shocked the world and swept the world, impacting people's ideas and changing the connotation of beach culture. This is a "bikini" that advocates nature and is full of vitality!

Fifty years later, the first "Miss Bikini Competition" will be born in the magical East - China! Its holdings show that after 20 years of reform and opening up, the "beautiful economy" is booming in China, and the continuous reunion of the "big family" in China also proves the strong attraction of the prosperous China to the world!

The "Global Bikini Miss Contest" with the purpose of "World Peace and Friendship, Women's Health and Beauty" is the wonder of many models and beauty contests. Through the three main contents of Miss Global Bikini, Bikini Fashion Trends, and Bikini Miss Photography Conference, it will be able to interpret the harmony between human and nature and the vitality of life. During the competition, there will be more “Chengcheng ceremony, grand ceremony”. The charity dinner, awards and carnival celebrations and other activities have made the laughter and laughter of "peace and friendship" like the sun shining, between the blue sky, the sea and the beach.

The "2005 Global Bikini Miss International Finals" is scheduled to be held in May 2005 in the Silver Beach city of China, which is rich in pearls. By then, the beautiful ladies from nearly 50 countries and regions around the world will be like beautiful pearls, making the beautiful North Sea more attractive.

"Let the world go into the North Sea and let the North Sea give you a surprise!" I believe that with the continuous advancement of this event, the beautiful Beihai will attract the attention of China and the five continents with her unique style.